About VIN

What is vin?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) program has been developed as a tool to assist in improving the safety of road users.

VIN provides an easy reliable method for linking industrial vehicles on resource roads to the owners of those vehicles. VIN has become the standard for vehicle identification for many forest licensees and contractors. Oil and Gas, Mining and other industrial road users are now also adopting the program.

Why vin?

The VIN program provides all road users with the ability to easily identify Industrial vehicles.

Often contractors have multiple vehicles operating on resource roads and VIN provides a fast, efficient and accurate method of identifying each of those vehicles. The VIN number can then be used to submit a report that can assist in improving road safety. Industry road users are able to report hazards or incidents by using the VIN on the vehicle they are operating.

Benefits of VIN


Improved safety for road users.


Increased awareness and improved driving behaviors by resource road users through accountability.


Provides opportunities for incident and near miss reporting to assist in the reduction of transportation related incidents and injuries.


Provides a way to determine the number and type of industrial vehicles utilizing resource roads.

How Does VIN Work?

Industrial road users register vehicles owned and operated on resource roads for industrial use.

The corresponding company information is stored and linked to the VIN numbers registered for the company. Using the VIN website, road users select a method to report a hazard or incident. Employers, licensees and / or the BC Forest Safety Council are then able to review the report, investigate the identified hazard or incident and initiate appropriate actions.

How to participate in VIN?




Order Your Plate(s)


Mount your Plate(s)


Keep your information up to date in VIN

View VIN standards PDF

View Optional Sign Shops for VIN Plates PDF

Who should register?

Any Company (including Owner/Operators) with vehicles that operate on resource roads for Commercial or Industrial purposes.

How to Register in VIN?




By Phone 1-877-741-1060


By Email vin@bcforestsafe.org


By Fax 250-741-1068

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The VIN program was initially introduced in Vanderhoof by Slocan Forest Products.

The program has since been adopted as a standard operating procedure by most forest licensees across northern BC. Although initially designed for forestry vehicles, oil and gas, pipeline and mining are increasing their participation in the program.